Robin was literally born to travel.

A member of the Tauck family, one of the world’s iconic families admired for playing a critical part in pioneering global tourism for almost a century, Robin has lived her life’s love of exploring, discovering and contributing to people and places worldwide since she was a child.

Since her grandfather’s establishment in 1925 of a now third/fourth-generation global travel company offering luxury land, small ship cruising, river boating, event, and safari travel, Tauck Inc. is hailed as a global example of legacy-inspired growth.

A graduate of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business Executive Program and the University of Cambridge’s Sustainability Leadership Program, Robin’s dedication to her academic endeavours and their impact on future generations of leaders saw her achieving not only a BA in Business from the University of Vermont, but also honours with the Legacy of Leadership Award, where she later founded the Entrepreneurship and Family Business Initiative at the UVM School of Business.

Through her over 35 years of career advancement and dedication to her family’s quest to unlock the power of global connections through creation of travel opportunities for both travellers and destinations alike, Robin’s acumen and example ultimately saw her rise to BUSINESS LEADERSHIP status and honours as the President and CEO of Tauck Inc. and now as a fellow Co-Owner and Steward of the 95-year Family Company, together with the Tauck Family. 

From 2020-2022 Robin held a critical position in global travel industry alignment and advocacy as Chair of Tourism Cares – a leading not-for-profit focused on sustainability with a specific mission to “Advance the travel industry’s Social and Environmental Impact”, uniting over 160 companies nationally and globally, at a critical, pivotal and transformative time in the entire travel and tourism industry.


Respected as an exceptional business thinker with an innate visionary, inclusive and empowering approach, Robin’s honours include:

  • First Woman on WTTC (2008)
  • Global Impact Honoree by the
  • Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame (2015)
  • Connecticut Green Building Award (2019)

Since leaving operational leadership of Tauck in 2008 Robin’s direct, energetic contribution to the Travel & Tourism world has only grown. Her love of Arts, Culture and Travel remain a powerful force for Robin’s continued, invaluable global impact.

Huilloc Tribe, Peru, Tourism Cares

(Robin’s) vision of unifying efforts to develop sustainable tourism while preserving and protecting our rich cultural heritage has given us the path to create positive social and economic change in our Sacred Valley, the very entrance to the Machu Picchu World Heritage Site, thus improving the quality of life of its people now and of their future generations.

María del Carmen de Reparaz

Turismo Cuida Board Member, Former Vice Minister of Tourism Peru

Robin stood giving a speech at The Vatican whilst on a Tauck Roman Holiday in October 2012

CHAMPIONING Good Governance

In addition to Robin’s role as an essential, highly insightful THOUGHT LEADER in the global Arts & Culture community, as well as lifelong Travel & Tourism practitioner, Robin actively serves on the following leading international entities:

  • Member – Tourism for Tomorrow strategy committee
  • Elected U.S. Commissioner to UNESCO
  • Advisory body to the U.S. State Department, focusing on UNESCO World Heritage Sites and public private partnerships
  • French American Maritime Club

Most recently, Robin concluded her role of Chair of Tourism Cares, the largest non-profit in the U.S. travel industry within which she also formerly served as Vice Chair and chaired the organization’s Global Impact Portfolio including Peru, Jordan, Haiti, Colombia, Puerto Rico/Caribbean, Norway and Canada.

Importantly, however demanding her official roles, Robin is a tireless PHILANTHROPIST, committed to her work worldwide. Please see below for more on Robin’s unique and invaluable impact.

For all of Robin’s exceptional commitment and contribution, her most precious roles remain that of Daughter and Mother.