World Heritage Sites and Communities

World Heritage is our shared heritage and legacy, recognized by all as an invaluable assetĀ for global society. There are now 1007 World Heritage Sites and over 1600 on the tentative list, overseen by 191 nations that adhere to the World Heritage Convention.

As a U.S. Commissioner to UNESCO, I have traveled to more than 280 sites in over 100 countries, and worked with dozens of leaders and communities to create initiatives that protect national sites, from historic cities to iconic temples and monuments. Endangered places of cultural pride and natural beauty must be assisted, such as those with over-capacity visitation or improved access and skills for a better visitor experience. The sustainable development of surrounding communities and involvement of local stakeholders should be encouraged to help build local pride. Protecting our shared heritage is a critical part of ensuring a prosperous future in the new millennium. The global community is working together, and we welcome your participation.