Of all my great loves, travel and tourism have been a lifelong treasured experience. I have had the privilege of being a traveller, visiting thousands of incredible places all over the globe, creating dream experiences, as a family owner and leader of Tauck.  One of the most rewarding career aspects, is working to protect the destinations and people where we all travel to, through my work in the past with the National Park Service, UNESCO World Heritage, and currently as Chairman of Tourism Cares. 

Working within the Travel & Tourism industry throughout all these years has had many highs, many heartbreaks, but the relationships made and experiences had, have made it all my greatest honour.  

I love this special episode!   It is the best of my In Conversation Series bringing together the industry’s most passionate leaders as they discuss the future of their own love of Travel & Tourism. From sustainability to change and optimism,  their words left me feeling inspired and motivated about our need to “Build Forward Better.” – in a new Generation of Travel. 

What we love most about travel and its positive impact on the World; will now be enhanced by collective industry efforts to mitigate any and all negative impacts on the Planet and its Peoples.  Discovering new destinations, meeting new people, protecting our resources and providing health and wellness for all is, after all Love —  at its very essence.

Please enjoy. 



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