The US travel industry has long valued Tourism Cares as the #1 non profit for the Travel and Tourism industry focused on Sustainability. I am personally very proud of the people at hundreds of great companies who joined this non-profit over twenty years ago, since 2003 and who value its benefit now more than ever. Let’s have a conversation about that. Why is it so?


Travellers today are now looking to make an impact when they travel. Statistics show clearly that traveling responsibly, both before and after the Covid-19 Pandemic, is on an abrupt rise. They want to travel with companies that provide positive, not negative impact to the environment, our oceans and natural resources, wildlife and fauna, and to local communities. They seek positive, social integration and equality, favor authentic handmade traditions and crafts and wish to directly benefit local economies and enterprises. 

In this episode of my ‘In Conversation’ Series, I am joined by Greg Takehara, CEO of Tourism Cares, a 20-year champion of the organisation and Malia Asfour the current Vice Chair, who will be taking over the helm as Chair of Tourism Cares in 2023. I have been honored to serve as Chairman and former Vice Chair of Tourism Cares since 2017 – nearly six years is a time of vast change and forward momentum in “doing the right thing” and aligning one of the greatest industries in the world.

In our conversation, we discuss – what’s next for Tourism Cares as Malia becomes Chair – new growth concepts. Listen in! And, we discuss the many ways in which Tourism Cares has advanced the industry to sustainable, and more meaningful travel, and education with new tools for the Sustainable Journey.

The first is our newly created Meaningful Travel Map, currently featuring North America, Colombia and Jordan, where “tour operators and travel advisors find vetted, authentic product that fuels impact into destinations around the world.” The maps are available free online.

The second is our Meaningful Travel Platform, which provides a plethora of professional online courses on Sustainability, all free training and resources to our Tourism Cares members. Members can be accredited by completing a series of courses. New courses, such as “What is Sustainability” and the “Guide to Indigenous Tourism” are popular. 

Third, is the Sustainability Help Desk (SHeD), where members can ask questions and get advice on their professional sustainability journey, best practices, and strategy. 

These new resources are fantastic, and are a natural fit for Tourism Cares, an organisation that has always brought travel and tourism together to be a force for change in communities, to enhance Social, Cultural, Economic and Environmental Sustainability.. 

At Tourism Cares we fundamentally believe we can change the world through travel. Meaningful travel has the power to shift the needle for a better tomorrow. Let’s Build Forward Better together. 

Please enjoy our Leadership Conversation at Tourism Cares. And dream what can be!


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