When I first got involved with sustainability and the need for us all to step forward to protect our fragile world, it wasn’t a trending theme at conferences or a best-selling tour for travellers. Even now, with a permanent place in the headlines and an increased spotlight on sustainability, the definition of what sustainability means can be translated 100 ways by 100 people. 
If we can’t agree on what sustainability is, how can we make real, meaningful changes for the better?  Metrics and measurement are key. 
In my latest episode of the ROBIN TAUCK: IN CONVERSATION Leadership series, I am joined by friend and sustainability advocate Randy Durband, CEO of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.
We speak about the GSTC’s global standards for sustainable travel and tourism and the difficulties sub-sectors of travel and tourism face to implement changes.

Join us in conversation as we measure our impact and build forward better – with purpose. 

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