It takes vision, commitment, determination and compassion to lead an industry through times of strength as well as crisis. For 50 Years U.S. Tour Operator’s Association, USTOA,  has been doing exactly that – inspiring its membership of tour operators and supporting business leaders to come together to create, collaborate and strengthen this incredible community.

USTOA is recognized by travel advisors, consumers and the press as the standard of excellence and leading association of its kind, making a real, meaningful difference to people and places worldwide through its buying power of, in 2019, over $19 billion in travel packages taking over 9.8 million travelers across the globe.

As this special time of celebration for USTOA’s 50th Anniversary, I  am focusing the year-end episode of my ‘In Conversation’ Leadership Series to this great organization.

I was honored to sit down with Terry Dale, President of the USTOA as well as a longstanding Board Member of Tourism Cares, to discuss the challenges of the past two years, but also how this community has given back.

My father, Arthur Tauck – former Chairman of USTOA as well as Tourism Cares, joins us as a surprise guest, recalling the founding of USTOA almost 50 years ago, and saluting Terry’s leadership.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

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