As 2022 comes to a close, and after my 50 years in this great industry, never have I been more confident. Following three challenging years we are united in strength and focus – we are building forward better, sustainably.

Speaking with over 20 global tourism leaders as part of my In Conversation Series in the last two years, I have been awed by not only their commitment to the industry, but of their unwavering leadership when doing so. These conversations provided incredible insight and a 360 viewpoint on a topic that is rarely addressed in metrics and implementation, despite it being the most critical element in our shared future. Our industry now understands that sustainability is not simply a piece of the greater puzzle – it must be the golden thread flowing through our strategies, product offerings, and financial welfare.

From the beginning of 2020 to the close of 2022, I as the Chair of Tourism Cares, the largest non-profit focused on sustainability in the travel industry, have seen first-hand the impact of sustainable, community driven initiatives. By protecting the people and places of our travel world we future-proof our industry. Sustainability is at the heart of doing good through business and is good for business. Enjoy this special montage of our conversations.

The future of travel is inspiring. As shifts in traveller activity create opportunities for sustainable growth unlike anything we’ve seen before, the need for us all to stay united has never been more important.

As I hand over the Chair of Tourism Cares, I am determined to continue advocating for ‘sustainability first’. We must all keep sustainability top of mind and close to heart. I’m proud to have so many colleagues and friends across the globe working with me as together we build forward better in ways we never could have imagined two decades ago.

Together we will continue to build forward better. 


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