A source of immense inspiration and joy for Robin is her work within the philanthropic world. As a result of her exceptional, tireless commitment to the world around her – communities, culture, conservation – Robin herself has become a source of inspiration for others. 

Robin made her first venture into step-change philanthropic work in 1998 when she created for her family the Tauck’s “World of Giving”, an extensive philanthropic program that has developed over 80 grants and led extensive volunteer events throughout the United States. Tauck’s “World of Giving” work with the U.S. National Park Service was recognized by President George W. Bush and received the Preserve America Presidential Award, the country’s highest honor for historic preservation. 

From that time, Robin has maintained her desire to make an impact, conscious of her blessings in life being a vehicle to help others. Today her impact reached individuals and communities at local, national and international levels. Below is an overview of the scope of involvement of Robin’s efforts to continue to make a meaningful difference.

Over and above her formal involvement in specific projects and entities, through her daily approach to living a life committed to making an impact, points of pride for Robin include:

  • Former Chair, Tourism Cares 
  • President, TRIP Foundation: Tauck Ritzau Innovative Philanthropy
  • Sponsor for WTTC “Changemakers Awards”
  • Sponsor for WTTC “Tourism for Tomorrow” Awards
  • Trustee of the Westport Wilton Family Y
  • Ocean Voyages Institute
  • Tauck Family Foundation
  • Recepient of the ‘Westport Green Building Award’ for her contribution towards a Net Zero community. 

Consistently, impactfully and sustainably, Robin continues to make a meaningful different for people and places near and far.


I am so fortunate to have been born into a family committed to the power of travel as a real force for good. Since I was a child I have seen how travel changes the world – not just of travellers, but those of the people we meet in the places we discover. To me, travel is a privilege, and we must never take being let into other people’s lives and homes for granted. This is why I am so committed to making a positive, meaningful, sustainable impact in destinations needing our help, especially when it comes to preservation and protection of Culture & Conservation – two pillars of community identity and wellbeing.”


Established in 2000, Tourism Cares is the largest non-profit in the US Tourism industry. Its Mission is clear: “to advance the travel industry’s positive social and environmental impact. We believe it is in our best interest to support the destinations we all depend on so that communities, travelers and businesses can prosper.

With a global membership of 185 companies, Tourism Cares operates as the travel industry’s largest collaborative nonprofit network, convening members from around the globe, creating powerful connections and impactful action.

Robin represented a second generation of Chairmanship of Tourism Cares from 2020-2022, following on from her father Arthur C. Tauck who had been Chair two decades earlier. She has also served as Vice Chair 2019-2020, and as Chair of the Global Fund of Tourism Cares 2014-2019.

TRIP: Tauck Ritzau Innovative Philanthropy

The Founder & President of TRIP Foundation in 2007, Robin is very active in a multi generation private family foundation with the simple Mission of “Culture Matters.” The Foundation supports USA and international grants, meetings and think tanks related to the protection and promotion of culture as a lever for sustainable economic and social development.

TRIP Foundation has three primary areas of focus: World Heritage & Communities, Public Arts & Culture, and Advocacy & Development. Innovation is a core value of the foundation, establishing links with like-minded non-profits in the development of creative, collaborative efforts to address contemporary issues and unlock opportunities.

“As global citizens, we have witnessed the importance of culture and the promise it holds. Since 2007, we have made multi-year investments around the world in causes that work to create viable economic development opportunities and improved quality of life for local communities through the promotion of culture and the preservation of cultural heritage.”